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News Parade 1937

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0157
Run Time
0h 9m 35s
Date Produced
The News Parade of the Year 1937 is a documentary film made in the U.S. directed by Eugene W. Castle. News Parade is composed of newsreel footage and includes narrated archive footage of ceremonies, natural disasters, war and politics from around the world.
00:00 - titles, Spanish rebellion, smoke rising from bombed Madrid, MS men firing canons, people fleeing suburbs, running in bombed streets, night MLS men putting out fires 01:12 - London floods, MS people walking and driving down flooded streets 01:40 - U.S. floods, aerial houses and cars under water, MS chickens on roof, boats rescuing people, RA row of cars driving through sandbagged flooded street, MLS saving horses, rushing waters 02:25 - George VI reviews Britain’s fleet, MS King George and Queen Elizabeth sitting on throne, MLS decorated fleet of war ships in parade, Navy men waving hats, saluting, MLS royal yacht, MS Queen Elizabeth 03:03 - VS school explosion, men digging through rubble to save children 03:35 - U.S. labor strikes, MS interior factory, workers in windows, marching in street with signs 04:10 - CU John D. Rockefeller, passes at 97 04:29 - Amelia Earhart vanishes, CU Earhart, MLS plane taking off 05:01 - Clipper ship planes travel London to New York in 24 hours, aerial planes in flight and over NYC, landing in water 05:40 - Soviet flyers break record for longest nonstop flight, MS three pilots, map of route, parade celebration in Moscow for their return, pilots riding in car, air filled with confetti 06:34 - Roosevelt appoints ex-Klansman to Supreme Court, MS Justice Black at outdoor press conference 06:53 - Opening of Golden Gate Bridge, LS bridge, TS FA traffic on bridge 07:15 - Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany, crowds waving flags at train station, CU Mussolini in window, dictators shake hands, lead march, wave to crowds from stage 07:52 - Japan invades China, sign “Shanghai South,” MLS people dead in streets, fire and explosion, MLS planes dropping bomb on civilians, MS people running from bombs into shelters, MS man shooting at planes, LS plane crashing to ground 08:55-09:35 - MS Prime Minister of Japan Fumimaro Konoe, CU Russia’s Stalin, CU Germany’s Hitler, MS Italy’s Mussolini, CU United State’s Theodore Roosevelt, THE END
Castle Films
Additional Credit
Castle, Eugene W. (is editor)
Castle Films (is contributor)
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