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World Parade: New York The Wonder City

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0149
Run Time
0h 8m 40s
Date Produced
A Castle Films “World Parade” short about New York City. Covers many significant landmarks, taking the viewer on a whirlwind tour through areas such as Wall Street, Chinatown, Harlem, Rockefeller Center and Central Park while making vastly sweeping generalizations about neighborhoods and cultures.
00:00 - Titles. LS Exteriors of many New York landmarks; Statue of Liberty, skyline, lower Broadway, Wall Street, Trinity Church, Subtreasury, Stock Exchange, Municipal building, Brooklyn Bridge, the lower east side. 2:22 - Streets of Chinatown, with parade and dancing. Centennial Arch and CU of children in the nearby fountain. MacDougal Alley and artists on the street. Church of Transfiguration, Penn Station. Empire State Building TILT DOWN and aerial view, Chrysler building aerial view. Traffic and pedestrians at 42nd Street in LS and aerial. Public Library exterior. St. Patrick’s Cathedral with LS and CU of crowd at Easter Parade. 04:57 - Var. views of Rockefeller Center; flowers, dancers on rooftop, fountain, ice rink. Park Avenue, Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive. Var. Central Park; skating, pond, zoo, Cleopatra’s Needle. Museum of Natural History with diorama CU. 07:01-08:40 - Aeriel view of west side highway and buildings alongside. Riverside Church TILT DOWN and aerial. Var. residents of Harlem, MS and CU. George Washington Bridge. Var. city scenes with crowds and traffic, buildings lit up at night.
Castle Films, inc.
Main Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is production company)
Additional Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is contributor)
Related Place
New York (production location of)