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Face of the Earth, The

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0147
Run Time
0h 11m 7s
Date Produced
Educational film from Encyclopedia Britannica about the forces that build up and wear down the continually changing surface of the Earth. Juxtaposes rocks and minerals in close detail with views of canyons and mountain ranges.
00:00 - Titles with brief credits. Narrator describes the forces that formed the earth, and the forces of erosion that continue to shape it. Var. CU of creeping lava, storm clouds, and raindrops on dirt. LS of the sea and var. CU of waves on shore. Var. snowy mountain tops, CU of melting ice, cracked desert surface and CU of var. rocks rolling down slopes. CU of raindops and running water on var. surfaces. LS of canyons with rivers. 05:41 - Narrator now focuses on the forces that build up the earth. LS of var. mountains. ECU of var. rock strata. CU of var. minerals such as pyrite, agate, and malachite. Var. MS of volcanic eruptions. LA of waterfall. 08:59-11:50 - Narrator focuses on the present day results of the forces he has been describing. Var. CU and LS of hill formations in the painted desert. CU of trees of the petrified forest. Var. LS of plateaus and canyons of the Southwest, including the Grand Canyon. TILT UP strata of the Zion Canyon sand dunes. Var. LA LS of rock cliffs in Bryce Canyon.
Main Credits
Encyclopedia Britannica, inc. (is production company)
Additional Credits
Encyclopedia Britannica, inc. (is contributor)