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Country Roads

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0141
Run Time
0h 10m 56s
Home movie of scenic stops along country roads of the Illinois & Michigan Canal. We follow a car on dirt trails with footage of the canal ranging from small streams, still lakes, manmade locks and waterfalls, to barges floating through deep waters. We see swimmers, campers, insects, and plant life along the way.
00:00 - VS car driving on wooded road towards camera, sign “Illinois & Michigan Canal”, VS trees reflecting in still canal water, VS manmade waterfall 02:04 - sign “Channahon State Park, Lock No. 7,” MLS wooden lock damming up water, CU water rushing drains in lock, VS people walking along waterfall, swimming in lake 04:13 - MS set up for campfire, MLS women setting up picnic on lake, MLS men fishing in the canal 04:49 - sign “McKinley Woods,” VS car driving on wooded dirt road away from camera, TS road ahead, VS still water and trees, rocky creek, RA girls looking at river, LS barge passes by 07:02 - CU leaves and flowers, dragonfly, bee pollinating flower, spider in web, fish splashing in water 08:21 - VS lake scenery, men in small boat, VS people walking across bridge over canal, reflection of clouds in water 10:08-10:56 - TS road ahead, wooded and highway, MLS rabbit in road
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