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Flying Action

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0131
Run Time
0h 8m 20s
Date Produced
circa 1951
A Castle Films short using historical footage that traces the progress of aviation from the early 1900s through the development of faster planes for warfare to the future of flying machines as heralded by rockets. Includes extensive stock footage of numerous planes and bombers in action.
00:00 - Titles. Var. planes in the sky. Narration and visuals cover famous pilots and aviators such as the Wright Brothers, Bleriot, Ruth Law, mail service pilots, Lindbergh, Will Rogers with Post, Amelia Earhart, Eddie Rickenbacker and the planes of WWI sinking battleships. Crash of the Hindenberg. 03:15 - Var. gyros, helicopters and experimental flying contraptions powered by running or pedaling. Narrations moves to WWII and footage of fighter planes and bombings. ELS, LS, MS of the planes in action. Covers var. battle planes such as the Air Cobra, Tomahawk, B-17, B-24, Buzz bomb, supply helicopters, B-36, kamikaze attacks. 06:39-08:47 - Aircraft production turns to building faster jets with footage of supersonic planes zipping across the sky and airstrips. Features the Flying Wing, B-47 StratoJet and the XS-1 dropping out of their mother ship. Footage of operators and spectators before a rocket launch and camera TILT UP to follow the rocket.
Castle Films
Main Credits
Castle Films (is production company)
Additional Credits
Castle Films (is contributor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)