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San Francisco Film, Heart Castle

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0102
Run Time
0h 8m 2s
Date Produced
circa 1970
Amateur film of San Francisco. Footage includes trolley TS, streets filled with cars and people, Hyde Street Pier and its businesses of tourism, street food vendors, and Spanish street performers. Most shots are handheld and shaky.
00:00 - handheld PAN people at a picnic set up at tables outside of an RV motor home 01:32 - TS trolley POV city streets, riding uphill, shaky PAN cars on street, buildings, tourists boarding trolley 04:01 - VS Hyde Street Pier, MS acoustic band performing on street, HA landscape of pier, businesses, with mountains and Bay 05:30 - CU street vendor’s lobster, shrimp, handheld PAN people on street entering restaurants, Bay Cruise tour company, dock POV cruise ship leaving the dock 07:36-08:02 - street performance, musicians in sombreros playing violins, couple dances in traditional Spanish dress
Related Place
San Francisco (production location of)