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American Engineer

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0071
Run Time
0h 27m 47s
Date Produced
Photographed in Superscope, this Chevrolet sponsored film is a tribute to engineers and their role in improving American life through technology. A Superscope digital transfer of the film is available for viewing on Youtube (
“01:01:49:00 LS Silhouette of radio telescope at sunset 01:02:00:00 LS Radio telescope pivots; various shots 01:02:36:00 MS Men look at precision scientific instruments; dials and gauges 01:02:50:00 MS Woman pours chemicals in laboratory 01:02:54:00 MS African-American man studies monitor 01:02:59:00 MS Men work with scientific apparatus 01:03:07:00 MS Man writes scientific equations on blackboard 01:03:15:00 MS Man in suit looks up something in a book 01:03:18:15 MS Man uses drawing stencil 01:03:23:00 MS Man performs a solder 01:03:29:00 MS Man writes scientific equations on blackboard 01:03:49:00 LS Churning surf 01:04:00:00 LS Hydroelectric plant 01:04:28:00 LS Aerial view of Pittsburgh skyline "Golden Triangle"; Allegheny River and Monongahela River and the Ohio River 01:05:00:00 MS Camera pans sides of office buildings; looks up sides of highrises in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 01:05:45:00 LS Aerial view of San Francisco skyline; fog over the Bay 01:06:10:00 LS Chicago 01:06:15:00 LS More city skylines 01:06:23:00 LS Los Angeles skyline 01:06:30:00 LS Aerial large spread of manufacturing facilities 01:07:07:00 Interior of oil drilling rig 01:07:10:00 LS Oil drilling rig 01:07:19:00 LS Oil rig in ocean mounted on "Texas Tower" 01:07:30:00 LS Aerial view oil rig in ocean 01:08:00:00 LS Aerial open pit mine 01:08:24:00 MS Heavy mining extraction equipment 01:08:32:00 MS Helicopter in mountains; man holds Geiger counter outside of copter 01:08:40:00 LS Helicopter in mountains 01:08:52:00 LS Explosion occurs on the side of mine; dust billows 01:09:00:00 LS Giant shovel fills up railroad cars with minerals 01:09:15:00 LS Railroad cars filled with rock move along tracks in mine 01:09:30:00 LS Aerial view chemical plant; camera zooms in 01:09:53:00 MS Camera pans an electron microscope 01:10:12:00 CU Male scientist gazes into microscope viewfinder 01:10:14:00 MS Electric currents travel visibly through the air 01:10:19:00 LS Man gazes down into array of pipes and machinery 01:10:32:00 CU Flashing stenciled sign "RADIATION HAZARD" 01:10:35:00 CU Flashing stenciled sign "DANGER MAGNET ON" 01:10:41:00 LS Cyclotron / atom smasher control area with several men standing at banks of equipment 01:10:56:00 LS Men standing around working with cyclotron 01:11:29:00 LS Construction site; men in hard hats; crane; cement mixer 01:11:42:00 LS Modern sleek buildings; daytime 01:11:50:00 LS Modern sleek buildings; nighttime 01:12:00:00 LS Modern building with many glass windows; curves 01:12:25:00 LS Building with domed shape 01:12:27:00 MS High-tension wires 01:12:36:00 LS City buildings illuminated at night 01:12:40:00 LS Times Square at night; neon signs predominate 01:12:48:00 LS Professional baseball game; in stadium at night; man scores at home plate 01:12:58:00 CU Professional baseball game; in stadium shown on television screen 01:13:06:00 CU Dance performance shown on television screen 01:13:17:00 LS Woman in tutu is lifted up and spun by man in tuxedo 01:13:27:00 LS In studio setting; television camera comes into frame where man and woman are dancing 01:13:33:00 CU Videophone (picturephone) showing face on screen 01:13:44:00 LS Early mainframe computers 01:14:10:00 CU Variety of home appliances are shown spinning around 01:14:13:00 CU Silhouette of propeller enters water and spins 01:14:27:00 LS Submarine periscope in ocean 01:14:31:00 LS Submarine surfaces in ocean 01:14:48:00 LS Jet takes off 01:14:58:00 LS Oceangoing steamship with twin red smokestacks 01:15:16:00 LS Aerial locomotive traveling on tracks 01:15:21:00 LS Engine of locomotive traveling on tracks 01:15:21:00 LS Greyhound-style passenger bus in the mountains 01:15:33:00 MS Earthmoving equipment building roads 01:16:17:00 LS Dirt road; POV driver 01:16:20:00 LS Highway: POV driver 01:16:34:00 LS Highway going under overpass: POV driver 01:16:42:00 LS POV driver peering through two consecutive tunnels 01:16:43:00 LS POV driver going over bridge 01:16:54:00 LS Aerial view various bridges 01:17:27:00 LS Aerial view cloverleaf 01:17:48:00 LS Camera pans full parking lot 01:18:00:00 MS Two engineers move around models of machines in large scale model of plant 01:18:30:00 LS Truck loaded with new cars drives away from a Chevrolet plant 01:18:42:00 MS Worker stamps metal parts 01:19:00:00 MS Various manufacturing processes whereby steel is formed into car parts; welding, bending, rolling 01:19:59:00 CU Pistons go up and down 01:20:13:00 MS Engine swung into position 01:20:26:00 MS Beautifully-lit car parts swing by on a blue background 01:20:37:00 MS Silhouette of car engines swinging by on assembly line 01:20:50:00 MS Car parts move neatly on assembly line 01:21:00:00 LS Workers spray engines with liquid 01:21:31:00 LS Giant stamping machine spits out metal parts 01:21:34:00 CU Metal blocks move through flames 01:21:42:00 MS Many car parts spin as they are suspended in mid-air on black background in a surreal fashion 01:21:56:00 MS Zoom in car engine on flashing colorful background 01:22:09:00 CU Blades of turbine 01:22:12:00 CU Movement of isolated car parts: ball bearings, joints, springs; spinning wheels 01:22:20:00 CU Electrical generator (car) sparks 01:22:55:00 CU Car taillight flashes (studio shot) 01:22:57:00 CU Gloved hand switches on car radio 01:23:00:00 CU Headlights turn on 01:23:12:00 MS Man welds large curved piece of metal 01:23:16:00 CU Isolated car parts in motion:crankshafts, pistons 01:23:34:00 LS Silhouette of men sitting at drafting tables with grid of shadows on the wall behind them. 01:23:50:00 LS Car chassis superimposed over array of parts 01:24:02:00 MS Camera pans array of car parts: springs hubs 01:24:06:00 CU Car's footpedals 01:24:09:00 ECU Indicator on gearshift lever dial goes from Neutral to Drive 01:24:10:00 ECU Interlocking gears spin 01:24:14:00 ECU Powerglide stator turning in a bath of oil 01:24:22:00 CU Car tire beginning to roll 01:24:25:00 LS POV driver; car accelerates 01:24:29:00 MS Camera is positioned out car window on driver's side; car going in opposite direction passes by quickly 01:24:33:00 CU Oil drips down surface ("oil wipe" in picture) 01:24:38:00 CU Car wheel at rest 01:24:41:00 CU Side view car hood 01:24:45:00 CU Car engine 01:24:54:00 CU Camera pans undercarriage of car 01:25:04:00 CU Camera pans curves of car body 01:25:21:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts driver's sideview mirror 01:25:27:00 CU Gloved hand uses door latch 01:25:32:00 CU Gloved hands uses electric window opener 01:25:34:00 CU Car window goes up automatically 01:25:37:00 MS Rain on car side window 01:25:42:00 LS Snowy landscape seen through driver's side window 01:25:43:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts heating in car 01:25:47:00 LS Prairie landscape seen throught driver's side window 01:25:50:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts air conditioning in car 01:25:53:00 LS Car bounds through desert landscapes moving toward camera (torture test) 01:26:00:00 CU Sign "CAUTION TEST AREA" 01:26:05:00 CU Hands on steering wheel during torture test; landscapes spins by 01:26:09:00 LS Car bounces through desert landscape 01:26:11:00 CU POV under driver's foot: driver depresses floor pedal 01:26:14:00 CU Series of large animated check marks (orange, blue, yellow) fill screen; then camera zooms out 01:26:22:00 LS Silhouette of Chevy against multicolored lights 01:26:35:00 LS Rear of car with built in spare tire visible driving on highway away from camera 01:26:39:00 LS Skyline New York City day 01:26:48:00 LS Camera pans a variety of tall, modern buildings 01:27:06:00 LS Aerial view of beach and coastline 01:27:18:00 LS Car drives away from drive-in teller at bank 01:27:26:00 LS Shopping mall in California; "Pickin Chicken" sign visible 01:27:32:00 LS Nighttime drive-in movie theater; sign reads "Le Jeune Park AUTO THEATRE" 01:27:38:00 LS Building with sign "Neptune Motel", Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fla. 01:27:46:00 LS Aerial curved bridge 01:27:51:00 LS Aerial section of elevated freeway 01:27:56:00 LS Aerial traffic circle 01:28:00:00 LS Aerial sections of highway; overpasses, cloverleafs 01:28:19:00 LS Mechanical agricultural harvesting 01:28:30:00 LS Driver's POV going under overpass 01:28:40:00 LS Parking lot 01:28:46:00 LS Aerial development [Levittown?] 01:28:49:00 LS Aerial high-rise buildings 01:28:54:00 LS Mount Rushmore, first seen as camera moves through trees then static shot 01:29:22:00 [END OF FILM] (shot list provided by Internet Archive)
Main Credit
General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division (corporate name)
General Motors Corporation (corporate name)
Jam Handy Organization, inc. (is production company)
Banes, Ford (is director)
Senglaub, Robert (is director)
Additional Credit
Avil, Gordon (is cinematographer)
Banes, Ford (is contributor)
General Motors Corporation (is contributor)
General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division (is contributor)
Herman, Vincent (is editor)
Jam Handy Organization, inc. (is contributor)
Leontough, George (is cinematographer)
Mols, Pierre (is cinematographer)
Senglaub, Robert (is contributor)
Shriner, Harold (is editor)
Tavernier, Robert (is cinematographer)
Related Place
United States (production location of)