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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0063
Run Time
0h 18m 32s
Date Produced
circa 1941
Beautiful unedited footage of close up observation of a nest of four Goldfinch birds growing from egg to young adult. The mother and father Goldfinches feed the babies and warm the nest. There are shots of the tower built around the tree for filming and shots of a young boy holding and feeding birds with an eyedropper. Shot by Central Cinematographers film club member Margaret Conneely.
00:00 - FA four young yellow Goldfinches in a row fed by an adult, Var shots eggs in a nest, CU mother bird feeds a newborn baby in nest with eggs, one adult brings food to bird sitting on nest who then feeds baby 04:15 - Goldfinch drinking from birdbath, CU all babies have hatched in nest, mouths open, father brings food to mother warming nest, feeding 08:42 - babies growing dark feathers, getting bigger , feeding 10:51 - MLS nest in trees, MLS man in tower built around tree to film the nest, backyard of a house 11:16 - ECU stick poking at babies, CU father feeding babies in nest, growing to be full sized 13:08 - FA babies are out of nest in a row on a branch, feathers turning gold, adults fly in to feed them 15:13 - MLS tree in front of white house, young birds being fed in nest, ECU PAN birds on branch 16:43-18:32 - young boy sitting in chair outside holding young birds in hands, birds climb all over him, he feeds them with an eyedropper
Main Credits
Conneely, Margaret (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)