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Cuba: Havana

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0044
Run Time
0h 24m 45s
Date Produced
Unedited film of Havana, Cuba. Footage includes the Capitol building, urban and rural landscapes, people doing everyday activities, rooftops of houses, highways, and memorial statues. Shot by Metro Movie Club member Ed Diller.
00:00 - VS boy coring and peeling a table full of apples with a manual apple machine 00:50 - VS Cuban Telephone Company 01:17 - LS long paved park area lined with trees in city, people walking, cars driving by 01:59 - ELS, PAN LS cityscape, grey stone houses, water in background 04:11 - LS sailboat in water 04:17 - MLS people on rooftops and balconies, hanging clothes to dry, feeding birds 05:34 - billboard for “Bacardi Cerveca”, Var short stills rooftops 06:02 - VLS houses, statues, people in a common outdoor area surrounded by balconies, busy street with cars and people walking 08:07 - VLS large stone church with two bell towers, churchgoers exiting, CU bell, cross, relief sculpture of face 10:01 - LS memorial “Joint Resolution: The People of the Island of Cuba are and of right ought to be free and independent. -Congress of the US, 4/19/1898”, VS Capitol Building and gardens in area 12:13 - VS buildings downtown, street cleaners pushing carts, narrow dark streets filled with people, LS memorial, balcony POV palm trees 15:29 - building decorated with lights at night, pitch darkness with glowing stained glass of Jesus Christ in center of frame 15:48 - LS FA Capital Building, LS buildings in city, CU Cuban flag with Capital dome in background 17:23 - MLS man pushing cart filled with brooms for sale, police officer talking to woman, CU sick dog on sidewalk 18:13 - LS memorial statue with city buildings 18:31 - sidewalk POV busy highway 19:00 - man setting up camera on tripod, couple posing in front of statue 19:40 - homeless man sleeping on bench 19:54 - class of young children in uniform walking in a line across city with teachers 20:08 - MCU var sculpture memorials 21:54 - LS PAN cityscapes, highways 23:52-24:45 - VS flamingos in pond at zoo
Main Credits
Diller, Ed (is filmmaker)
Related Places
Havana (production location of)
Cuba (represents)