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Red Balloon

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0039
Run Time
0h 33m 25s
Date Produced
A short French film about a boy and his loyal balloon with a life of its own. After spending happy times together, bullies chase the boy through town and destroy his balloon. But all the balloons of the city come to cheer him up, and fly him up over the town.
00:00 - Extended credits. On the streets in France, a small child climbs a light post to reach a red balloon. 05:30 - After school we follow the boy and his balloon through the rainy streets until he gets home. His mother releases the balloon but it stays put. 09:00 - The balloon follows the boy through the streets and to school of its own accord. When the boy gets in trouble it pesters the headmaster. 16:42 - It continues to follow the headmaster until he lets the boy out of detention. He and the balloon wander through a market until they meet a girl with a blue balloon, and are then chased by bullies. 21:29 - The boy and his mother go to church. Afterwards, when the boy stops in a shop for a snack the bullies steal his balloon and try to pop it. He frees the balloon and flees. 28:30-33:25 - The bullies catch the boy trapped in an open field and throw rocks at the balloon until it sadly deflates. Suddenly, all around town balloons fly away, creating beautiful imagery of balloons over the city. They congregate around the happy boy, who grabs their strings and flies away. Ends mid-scene.
Main Credit
Montsouris, Films (is production company)
Lamorisse, Albert (is director)
Additional Credit
Gillette, Pierre (is editor)
Lamorisse, Albert (is writer)
Le Roux, Maurice (is composer)
S├ęchan, Edmond (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Lamorisse, Pascal (is actor)
Related Place
France (production location of)