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Switzerland: Life in a Mountain Village

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0033
Run Time
0h 13m 53s
Date Produced
A color faded Encyclopedia Britannica film about a family in the small Swiss town Evolene, in the canton of Valais at the foot of the Alps. Follows family members as they go about their lives, in school and at home as well as continuing the traditions of their village such as cheesemaking, building chalets and getting married.
00:00 - Credits. Narrator explains how the snow in Switzerland leads to a spring melt that gives the country power for industry. Visuals show var. snow covered scenery, examples of resevoirs, dams, trains and roads. 02:02 - Roads enable tourists to reach the small alpine town of Evolene. Narrator gives an overview of the everyday lives of his family. Visuals show var. views of the town with the church and chalets, a one room schoolhouse, housework, carpentry, spinning yarn, the general store, traditional weaving, homework. 06:00 - When the snows melt the cows are led to pasture. Visuals are var. cows wearing bells, on the road and grazing in the pastures. More chores include gathering wood, reaping hay with a scythe, var. crops and gardens, milking cows and making cheese. 10:38-13:21 - It is a wedding day. Follows the woman as she is dressed in her traditional head cap, the choir in the church, the ceremony and the feast. More var. views of the town and mountains.
Main Credits
Strauss, Fred (is producer)
Additional Credit
Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc. (is contributor)
Strauss, Fred (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Sorensen, Clarence W. (is participant)
Related Place
Switzerland (production location of)