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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0030
Run Time
0h 36m 7s
Date Produced
Unedited travel footage of Mexico shot by Central Cinematographer film club member Fred Strauss. Includes many beautiful green landscapes, people at work in fields and markets and footage in different cities.
00:00 - Footage from outside an airplane window, with propellor in frame. Passengers, luggage and stewardesses on tarmac in the process of boarding. A plane taking off. Aeriel view of clouds, fields, sunset. 05:06 - Flowering scenery, PAN of green hills and valley. Boy and girl riding donkeys, MS and LS, RA. LA of church in silhouette. Dogs and birds stripping a large carcass. Cows and men in the field, plowing. 08:11 - Views of a large step pyramid and surrounding grounds; LS, CU, PAN, TILT. Vendor at the foot of the steps, sculptures, climbing the steps. More plowing in the fields, residents outside their small hut with focus on a small child. LS and MS of buildings on the green mountainside. Women washing clothes in a river by a waterfall. 13:26 - PAN of a city, crowned by a large church. Var. footage on the streets in the city, var. HA of rooftops, the church from different angles in MS and LS. In a busy marketplace, MS with CU of people and products. 18:53 - LS of fields, men working. MCU feeding donkeys, women washing clothes in a river LS and MS. Var. scenery; waterfall, flowers, horses by a river, donkeys with huge bundles. Var. PAN of the coast from a resort, water skiing, view of the resort and swimmers. 23:08 - Another market, with CU of var. products such as pots and dried fish. Laundry hanging and washing clothes in still water. LS of var. landscape, PAN and still. Goats eating grass. Slow moving water over dry ground, var. MS of a giant multi-armed cactus. 28:10 - At a roadside gravestone. HA PAN of Mexico City, with Catedral Metropolitana in frame. Var. views of the cathedral. CU and MS of a traffic cop. Numerous people planting rows in a field. Var. brief views of children, the landscape, locals on the streets. Var. men rowing on a lake. LS of men fishing with large nets.
Main Credits
Strauss, Fred (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Mexico (production location of)