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Student Life at Loyola University Medical School

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0017
Run Time
0h 12m 12s
Date Produced
circa 1955
Promotional film for Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine. Narrator William B. Rich, M.D. takes the viewer on a tour of what student life is like, providing facts about the school over footage of the application process, student facilities, observation and hands on experience in the operating room. bedside learning, and graduation. There is an emphasis on doctor and patient communication and sensitivity when patients are experiencing fears and anxiety.
00:00 - CU, ZOOM OUT sign “The New Loyola University Medical Center,” credits 00:24 - narrator gives statistics and facts about the admissions process, PAN LEFT Loyola applicant in suit walks into lobby, police officer points him in direction for interview, women working at desks in admissions office, PAN RIGHT woman helps applicant 00:57 - MS man behind desk conducts admissions interview with woman, MS two men in admissions interview 01:14 - MS committees around a large desk review applicants 01:31 - MS four students at a table in laboratory studying specimen under a microscope, narrator says these are home base for students available 24 hours a day 01:53 - CU machine dials, MS interior stand up laboratory used in tandem with home base labs, students working at stations in lab, professor goes to each student providing individual supervision 02:49 - MLS speaker at podium at Symposium on the Brain and Human Behavior, MS front row, three Nobel laureates, Daniel Bovet, Ragnar Granit, and Sir John Eccles, CU psychologist Jean Piaget, Var shots audience in lecture hall 03:24 - CU heart model, ZOOM OUT doctor giving anatomical demonstration of human heart with plastic model to people at a table 03:36 - CU cross section of human heart, ZOOM OUT doctor and student, this education will lead up to surgery their senior year 03:46 - HA MS, CU heart surgery, student operating with doctor observing, MS doctor observing gauges, CU machinery, surgery is experiment towards heart transplant surgery development, after surgery doctor reviews EKG findings with student 05:02 - MS SA three doctors in scrubs washing their hands up to the elbow, CU scrubbing 05:17 - CU screen, machines, MS heart surgery being conducting in operating room, student observes how he will assist surgeon at the operation, CU pulling heart out with forceps 05:52 - text card reads “Post Anesthetic Recovery ROOM”, Var MS patient care team in scrubs standing over empty hospital bed reading chart for patient assessing patient’s status with chief of service to provide proper post-op treatment 06:09 - Var one-on-one learning with student and faculty members, CU, ZOOM OUT student with faculty reading results sitting at a large machine, MS two men reviewing a chart 06:32 - African American student working in the department of Community Health and Family Medicine to study the effects of pollution on health in Illinois area, MS, CU moves liquid from one test tube to another with eye dropper 07:18 - faculty of Stritch School of Medicine meeting around oval table in an office, planning for the future, female student walking down hall toward camera 07:42 - CU doctor working with child, ZOOM OUT and IN little girl drawing in room with stuffed animals, emphasis on ability to communicate with children and parents, team of student doctors walk in to examine child, bedside teaching as a patient care team 09:39 - MLS SA team of doctors in hospital room feeling glands of a student with acute mononucleosis 10:03 - MS doctor and patient talking at desk, doctors must be able to recognize and alleviate patient anxiety, MLS RA students in classroom look on as professor writes on a chalkboard, woman stands up to talk 10:32 - St. Luke’s Day, distribution of honors, MLS students walking up to podium to accept honors, MLS audience applauding, MS two men play guitars and sing a song about last day of class and school experience, MS audience in suits applauding 11:28 - MLS RA two women and a female nurse walk down hall into patient’s room, MS interior operating room where woman is about to give birth, door with small window closes on camera, narrator says students not only learn about death, but new life 11:58-12:12 - credits
Additional Credits
Conneely, Margaret (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Rich, William B (is narrator)
Related Place
Maywood (production location of)