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Suter's Foods - This Little Chicken Went to the Market

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Run Time
0h 12m 25s
Date Produced
This Little Chicken Went to the Market is a promotional film for Suter's Foods revealing in great detail how their products are made.
The film begins with shots of live chickens in a coup, followed by the Suter Foods logo and a title card presenting the advertisement. The next sequence reveals the chickens the chickens to as they are slaughtered, de-feathered, and thoroughly cleaned in the factory's assembly line. 

The chickens are then shown boxed up and taken to another factory wherein they will be prepared utilizing Suter Foods' special recipes for chicken a la king and chicken pot pie, amongst others. The process is revealed in full as the film attempts to show how the company achieves the taste of homecooked chicken in a canned product. 

The film ends with a sequence depicting a can of Suter Foods' Fancy Boned Chicken Meat on an elegant dining table, meant to denote that their product perfectly mimics the taste of fresh home cooked chicken.