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1958-1959: Fishing - Minn. - '59 / Jack's Birthday Party - '58

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Film Identifier: F.2017-03-0021
Run Time
0h 4m 26s
Date Produced
1958 - 1959
Home movie reel showing a range of seasonal activities (from summer to winter) over the course of the year 1958-59: fishing footage of Mervin LaRue Jr.'s in-laws, the Wellingtons, showing off their catches; LaRue kids Michèle ("Chell"), Jacqueline ("Jack"/"Jacqui"), and William Bryan ("Billy") playing with a fluffy white dog in the fall and walking with Helen Wellington in the snow (likely around Christmastime); and Jacqueline ("Jack") LaRue’s 7th birthday garden party, with a homemade princess-style cake and some gift unwrapping.

Helen and Floyd Wellington lived in Lake City, IA, and often went to Minnesota on fishing trips. Jack's birthday was likely filmed either in Iowa, where LaVere (Wellington) LaRue would bring her family for part of each summer, or in Park Ridge, IL, where the LaRues moved in October 1958.
Main Credits
LaRue, Mervin W., Jr. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Wellington, Helen C. (is participant)
LaRue, Michèle (is participant)
(LaRue) Thomas, Jacqueline (is participant)
LaRue, William Bryan (is participant)
Wellington, Floyd (is participant)
LaRue, I. LaVere (Wellington) (is participant)
LaRue, Mervin W., Sr. (is participant)
LaRue, Johanna (Wartman) (is participant)
Related Place
Minnesota (production location of)