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1957-1958: Xmas '57 to Summer 1958 / Family / Burlington with Roland

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Film Identifier: F.2017-03-0011
Run Time
0h 18m 26s
Date Produced
1957 - 1958
Home movies shot by Mervin LaRue Jr. including Christmas in Lake City, Iowa with the Wellington side of the family. LaRue kids Michèle ("Chell"), age 9, Jacqueline ("Jack"/"Jacqui"), age 6, and William Bryan ("Billy"), age 3, play with toy guns and dogs. Michèle remembers cowboys being all over the TV in these years, and subsequently a lot of make-believe playing as cowboys. The reel also features vacation footage of a family boating excursion, possibly at Fox Lake in Wisconsin. A family trip to Burlington, Iowa, is also depicted with Roland Mueller, a chemical engineer and Michèle's godfather. Also included is footage of a birthday party in the LaRue family's Park Ridge backyard.
Main Credits
LaRue, Mervin W., Sr. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
LaRue, Michèle (is participant)
(LaRue) Thomas, Jacqueline (is participant)
LaRue, William Bryan (is participant)
LaRue, Mervin W., Sr. (is participant)
LaRue, I. LaVere (Wellington) (is participant)
Wellington, Helen C. (is participant)
Curry, Harry (is participant)
Wellington, Floyd (is participant)
LaRue, Johanna (Wartman) (is participant)
LaRue, Mervin W., Jr. (is participant)
Curry, Virginia (Krall) (is participant)
Related Places
Lake City (production location of)
Park Ridge (production location of)