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Christmas '71 (2nd reel), Train pix, Boys & mom dancing to music, David at Piano

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Run Time
0h 3m 56s
Date Produced
This is footage of the Godman brothers playing with train sets, board games, and dancing with their mother. 
This footage shows David Godman and Andy Godman playing with an electric train set, while their youngest brother, James Godman, toddles in the background. The footage cuts to James Godman and his mother dancing to music. David and Andy Godman join in the dancing with their mother and brother. David and Andy Godman are then shown playing the boardgame Monopoly, while James and their mother continue to dance. The footage ends with David playing a piano, while Andy, James, and their mother listen nearby. 
Main Credits
Godman, Carl Lawrence (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Godman, David (is actor)
Godman, Andy (is actor)
Godman, James (is actor)
Related Place
Illinois (represents)