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Part 2, Carl's Navy Travels 1952, Aug. Sept. Oct. and Nov., Yokasuka-Fukia & sunset Otaru-onloading for mock landing near Wonsan Korea pohang-off loading Nov. Fujia area-Hotel koje Do prisoncamp Budha Shrine Kamakura, coming back

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Run Time
0h 19m 25s
Date Produced
Footage shot by Carl Godman during his travels while in the Navy. Scenes in the film include rural landscapes, interacting with local civilians in Japan, a visit to a Buddha statue in Japan, a visit to Koje-do Prison camp in South Korea, and enlisted sailors on a naval ship.
Main Credits
Godman, Carl Lawrence (is filmmaker)
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Japan (represents)
South Korea (represents)
Kamakura (represents)
Tokyo (represents)
Geoje Island (represents)
Otaru (represents)