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Why We Fight

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Film Identifier: F.2016-04-0011
Run Time
0h 3m 26s
Date Produced
Why We Fight features a series of animated sequences. The opening animation is a man in Western gear that quickly changes into a child. Other sequences include a woman and her pet that turn into a sharp shooter and his rifle, a woman’s face that turns into a gas mask, a disintegrating peace sign, and much more. Consistently throughout the film there are flashes of words such as “fear” and “terror”.  The film’s soundtrack is the sound of explosions, gunshots, and several phrases including “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. Included in the collection is an original drawing from the film. 
This film was completed in 1991. Why We Fight is a response to televised images of the first Gulf War. In the same year, it was shown at the 29th Ann Arbor Film Festival. The film was included in a videotape compilation entitled Best of the Fests, 1991, produced by Picture Start. 
Main Credit
Grush, Byron (is filmmaker)
Grush, Byron (is animator)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)