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Peas with Mom

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Film Identifier: F.2004-01-1548
Run Time
0h 17m 13s
Date Produced
Humorous short film depicting a mother who waits for her son to return home for what seems to be decades. On the outset a serene figure, cooking and baking in the kitchen, she slowly loses her patience as her son, Bobby, keeps her waiting. The once cherubic boy grows much older, running frantically through the streets as his clothes shrink and no longer fit him, apparently unsure of how to return home. However, the mother’s true breaking point is reached when she realizes that her freezer, once overflowing with frozen peas, is now clear out of the staple.
Morbidly funny, Peas with Mom explores the fraught relationship between mothers and their children, in which guilt and feelings of neglect and resentment can quickly reach a boiling point.
Main Credits
Columbia College Production Fund (corporate name)
Additional Credit
Frank, Dennis (is contributor)
Frank, Dennis (is contributor)
Frank, Dennis (is contributor)
Hill, Andrew (is contributor)
Kupper, Dana (is contributor)
Warren, Mark (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Klein, Elizabeth (is actor)
Burkhart, Steven (is actor)
Lux, Matthew (is actor)
Frank, Doug (is actor)
Frank, Eric (is actor)
Related Place
Chicago (represents)