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1972: Trip Out West - Camping

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Film Identifier: F.2013-02-0065
Run Time
0h 14m 10s
Date Produced
Don McIlvaine follows with a group of friends to one of many travels across the country, in here we see moments of travelling to the desert land areas of Nevada and Arizona.
We begin with a long shot of five travellers walking to a flight of stairs in a desert area then a medium shot in front of them walking up those same stairs with one couple embrace a kiss. When getting up the hill we cut to scenes of them walking in between train carriages then to a far long shot of a couple taking a tiny stumble walking down the hill. We cut to a upshot looking down the hill with the same couple looking down, the camera zooms out to show a busy road down the hill, all the travellers walk down the hill. We cut to a scene in the middle of the dark, a long shot to a closeup of barely visible figures moving around. We cut to an early morning shot of a group of boy’s circles around a fire having a morning drink and cooking something in a pot. We cut to a passenger point of view inside a car looking outwards to the desert land, we continue to look at the desert then to the travellers taking a break at a rest stop then walking across the street to a flight of stairs to the train carriages from before. We continue with the travellers at another rest stop leaving Nevada to move to Arizona. The travellers make their next stop to the Hoover Dam of the Lake Mead Viewpoint. The travellers take a moment to admire the lake from up above. The final shot is the travellers stepping foot into the water from the lake in a long shot. Fade out.
Main Credits
McIlvaine, Don (is filmmaker)
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