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1968 (circa): Water Skiing and Hamilton Farm

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Film Identifier: F.2015-04-0008
Run Time
0h 17m 4s
Date Produced
circa 1968
This home movie was shot by Robert Dockum on Super 8mm film. The individuals that appear in the home movie include: Robert, his first wife, Joanne, and their three young children, and various extended family members and friends. Shot in several different locations, the film depicts scenes of: canoeing on a lake, water skiing in Florida, children playing on a playground, and Dockum's father riding his tractor at his farm in Hamilton, Ohio.
The footage opens to a summery day on a lake where children can be seen attempting to row a boat. The camera then focuses on the scenic coastline. On the shore, several family members are shown leisurely reclining on lawn chairs. A girl can be seen traversing the shoreline’s shallow waters. Back on the lake, the footage captures a clear blue sky, the children once again trying to use the rowboat and an agile water skier. The footage exhibits a slight visual impairment at 3:35 and 7:11. Moreover, at a different beach, the large family can be seen together happily conversing and sunbathing. In the evening, the family gathers at a long picnic table for dinner. Inside the cabin, the camera focuses on quaint home’s rustic decor; taxidermy deer, trinkets and china are on display. The scene switches to Hamilton farm where the children can be seen riding horses. The next shot depicts several family members enjoying a tractor ride. The film concludes portraying a small boy in a bird coop playing with a pigeon.
Main Credits
Dockum, Robert R. (is filmmaker)
Related Places
Ohio (represents)
Hamilton (represents)