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1968 (circa): Hamilton Farm

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Film Identifier: F.2015-04-0006
Run Time
0h 14m 59s
Date Produced
circa 1968
Shot on Super 8mm film, this home movie was made on one of Robert Dockum's trips to the farm in Hamilton, Ohio where he grew up. Dockum's two young sons, Todd and J.R., are shown riding ponies under the supervision of their grandparents. Other scenes include: Dockum's mother caring for plants in the field, children waving from the back of a white station wagon and various family members gathering to see a new dairy calf.
The film begins by presenting a family gathered on lawn chairs, smiling and conversing; a small boy can been on horseback, with the assistance of his grandmother standing nearby. The footage switches to a large shot of the farm and the surrounding land. On the farm, the footage features several shots of  the family leisurely walking and spending time together on the sunny grounds.The shot switches to capture a family board an airplane. They can be seen waving from the airplane window. Back on the farm, children can be seen riding and playing with ponies once again, a couple is pictured taking in groceries to the house from a car, Dockum’s mother can be seen attentively caring for her crop of corn.The footage captures the scenic pastures and expansive cornfields. The final sequence of images portray members of the family taking turns to steer a horse-drawn cart around the estate. 
Main Credits
Dockum, Robert R. (is filmmaker)
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Hamilton (represents)
Ohio (represents)