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SERIES II: Personal Films (Animations, Experimental, Home Movies, Elements)

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Series Identifier: S.2010-01-0002
183 reels
SERIES II of the Mort & Millie Goldsholl Collection contains personal films created by Mort and/or Millie Goldsholl. They include children's animations ("Up is Down", "Rebellion of the Flowers", "Intergalactic Zoo"), experimental films ("Night Driving", "Dissent Illusion", "Union Pier 1942: Film Experiments"), home movies and unedited footage Mort & Millie shot while traveling in Japan, Europe and Israel. It is unclear at the time whether the unedited travel footage in this series was originally shot to be used in Goldsholl Associates films. Also included in this series are production elements related to "Rebellion of the Flowers", "Up is Down", "Dissent Illusion" and "Night Driving."
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Series Item
#190 Orig
[Africa: Market and Animals]
Africa Original
[Africa Outtakes]