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SERIES I: Motion Picture Film of Performances, Rehearsals & Home Movies

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Series Identifier: S.2011-05-0001
180 reels
SERIES I of the Ruth Page Collection includes 16mm and 35mm prints and elements within the collection. These prints and elements include footage of performances, rehearsals, television specials as well as home movies shot in Indonesia in the late 1920's and unrelated advertising spots. Also included in this series are distribution prints, workprints and elements of the 1978 documentary "Ruth Page: An American Original" and 35mm preservation elements and prints of Bolero [1930, Highland Park, Ravinia] and Carmen [1930, Highland Park, Ravinia], which were preserved thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation. The 16mm prints were digitized in-house at Chicago Film Archives, while the 35mm prints were digitized at Colorlab.
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Series Item
Aïda [1955]
Adolph Bolm: The International Dancer
Adolph Bolm: The International Dancer
Alice in the Garden [1970, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival]
Alice in the Garden (Act I) [1970, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival]