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SERIES III: Betacam Video of Interviews

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Series Identifier: S.2011-05-0003
126 cassettes
SERIES III of the Ruth Page Collection includes Betacam and Betacam SP video interviews conducted by Thea Flaum, creator and producer of the Ruth Page Video Archive. Interviewees include Ruth Page, Freddie Franklin, Larry Long, Patricia Klekovich, Kenneth Johnson, Dolores Long and Clive Barnes, among others. These videos were digitized by Bay Area Video Coalition.
Language of Materials
Series Item
André Delfau at Beckers No. 01 [August 23, 1985]
André Delfau at Beckers No. 02 [August 23, 1985]
André Delfau Becker's Bros Studio No. 03 [Sept 18, 1985]
André Delfau Interview No. 01 [October 24, 1985]
André Delfau Interview No. 02 [October 24, 1985]