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1947-1949: Christmas - John's 2nd Birthday - Joey's Christening - Niagara Falls - Spring and Summer '49

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Film Identifier: F.2012-05-0007
Run Time
0h 11m 6s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1947 - 1949
This home movie begins with faulty Ansco stock color scenes of a family's christmas gathering and dinner. This is followed by John's second birthday party. Children pose for the camera and surround John while he opens his presents. Children wearing tissue paper hats then enjoy and eat cake at the family table. This is followed by John playing with a model train, which soon after is followed by B&W footage of Joseph Bob's christening party in June of 1948. Multiple family members and friends pose with the baby outside the family home. This is followed by vacation footage shot at Niagara falls, the "Kiddie Park" amusement park and family scenes at a rural farm or grove.
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