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Old Aspen Film

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Film Identifier: F.2010-01-0241
Run Time
0h 9m 27s
Date Produced
A home movie documenting one or more trips that Mort and Millie took to Aspen in the early 1950s. Shot in a casual style that both documents their trip and functions as a home movie, this is one of the oldest films in the Goldsholl Collection. The footage begins with shots of the Rocky Mountains and nature, and then shows Millie and Gleda inside the tent where the International Design Conference in Aspen was held. Millie is seen in front of what appears to be a Goldsholl Design Associates presentation at the conference and Mort and Millie are seen surveying two-dimensional displays. A panning shot of a design display is followed by footage of two men giving speeches from behind a podium to the audience. Footage of men swimming in an outdoor pool (including Mort), is followed by footage shot from a moving ski lift in the summertime. The final sequence is a series of shots of Millie and Mort at an observation spot overlooking the valley and mountains. Mort goofs around and pretends that he is warming his hands over a fire that hasn’t yet been lit.
Main Credit
Goldsholl, Morton (is filmmaker)
Goldsholl, Millie (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Goldsholl, Morton (is participant)
Goldsholl, Millie (is participant)
Goldsholl, Gleda (is participant)
Related Place
Aspen (represents)