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Buick [Advertisement]

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1818
Run Time
0h 1m 1s
In what appears to be a commercial without sound or titles, men and women throughout multiple time periods admire Buick cars of their age.
A man and woman in early 20th Century attire walk up to a white Buick Model 10 (introduced in 1908) that is parked on a stage with a painted backdrop of a calm forest. They admire the car and become delighted by getting a closer look and touching it. Fades to a similarly staged scene with a man and two women dressed in "Roaring '20s" outfits with a painted backdrop of a fountain surrounded by buildings. They excitedly approach and get into a green Buick Four. Fades to two women sitting in a white Buick Super convertible (introduced in 1940) on a stage with a plain backdrop. Fades to a scene in the same setting of a man pulling up in a white Buick Riviera (introduced in 1963), a woman walks over to him, gets in the car and they drive away.