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Queen of All Saints May-19-1955 to Aug-26-1962

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0023
Run Time
0h 31m 4s
Date Produced
1955 - 1962
8mm home movie documenting the construction of Queen of All Saints Church from May 19, 1955 to August 26, 1962.

QAS is a historic church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago located at 6280 North Sauganash Avenue in Chicago's Sauganash neighborhood. Along with St. Hyacinth and Our Lady of Sorrows, it is one of three Minor basilicas in Chicago. The church, designed in a Neo-Gothic style by Meyer and Cook, was completed in 1960.
The film begins with a shot of a card with "Queen of All Saints" on it followed by a shot of a card with a drawing of the interior of the church. A homemade title card reads "May-19-1955 to Aug-26-1962" in chalk.

Shots of some sort of outdoor procession featuring both children and religious officials. Shots of the grounds of Queen of All Saints School. At the groundbreaking event in 1956, adults are seen digging up grass with shovels while children run around. An out-of-focus tractor pushes dirt, and a sign reads "Queen Of All Saints Church - Meyer and Cook - Architecture - Engineering - L.J. Graf Construction Co." A front-loader and excavator each scoop dirt into the back of trucks. The base of the structure is constructed and installed. Cement is poured and the structure grows higher as arches are installed with cranes.

A faint card appears to have "March 26, 1959" written on it. The construction site is now covered in snow. Shots of the surrounding neighborhood as the snow continues to come down. Now springtime, much progress has been made, as scaffolding surrounds the structure. A crane pulls the steeple to the roof and a man installs an American flag at the top of the structure. A cross is installed at the top of the steeple. Winter again, laborers continue to work in a snow storm.

When construction wraps up, landscaping begins on the grounds in front of the new church. Interior shots of the church, which features shrines and painted glass windows. A group of men poses for the camera. Shot of a truck with "T.C. Esser Co. Stained Glass Studios Milwaukee, Wis." painted on the side. A group of men and boys dressed in religious garb stand outside the church waiting to enter. They carry candles and sing from books.

Now, a large crowd has gathered at the church. A man wearing a miter (possibly Archbishop of Chicago Albert Gregory Meyer) waves his hand. Catholic officials of various ranks follow him. Shots of faces in the crowd.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
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Chicago (represents)