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Chicago Breakdown

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Film Identifier: F.2003-01-0004
Run Time
0h 15m 25s
Date Produced
Montage style film of the sights and people of Chicago. Focuses on the traffic and transportation, occupations and everyday lives of residents. Filmed at locations such as the Mercantile Exchange, Wrigley Field, Playboy, WCFL (with Larry Lujack) and the University of Chicago. Includes views of buildings from aerial perspectives.
00:37 - VS; traffic, PAN skyline looking east, sunrise. Title. Var. views of the beach, harbor. ZOOM OUT el tracks. Runner in the snow. Woman at a poolside. Ice floes on the lake. 04:09 - Man riding a conveyor elevator in a parking garage and driving a car out on the street, with POV shots and CU details in the car. Cut between numerous transportation scenes; var. HA fast motion and normal speed traffic, clouds in the sky behind Hancock building, TS of el tracks (brown line) from operator’s POV. ZOOM OUT on ELS of the city. Scenes take place on Lake Shore Drive, including the old S curve, the freeway interchange, on the street in the Loop. 08:05 - Footage cuts between numerous occupational scenes; riding with a fire fighter on top of the truck, the stock floor, men playing chess, a radio announcer at WCFL, a playboy shoot, baseball player signing autographs at Wrigley. Var. views of sunbathers. 10:42 - Montage; interior of a Rockefeller Chapel, TILT UP building, camera circles Lake Point Towers, child playing on a slide, construction site elevator, interior University of Chicago Harper library. PAN of room and view from a hotel, doorman, people eating, CU and MS of var. residents, Chagall mosaic, aerial view of Aon building, fast motion looking north. Extended credits.
Main Credits
Brown, Gary (is director)
Additional Credit
Brown, Gary (is contributor)
Brown, Gary (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)