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Subseries I: Films

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Subseries Identifier: SS.2011-01-0001
SERIES I of the JoAnn Elam Collection contains 16mm and 8mm films made by JoAnn Elam. These include finished 16mm films, such as DAYTIME TELEVISION, as well as numerous 8mm works, including CHOCOLATE CAKE (c. 1973) and GRAINS (c. 1973). Also included in this series are home movies and unedited films, or sketches, made by JoAnn Elam. These films feature aspects of her everyday life and local events ranging from the Palmer Square Art Fair in the 1970s to the Blizzard of '79. She shot a number of reels of 8mm film while she was living in San Francisco in the summer of 1967, and during her time at Antioch College and in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Language of Materials
1000 Making Tea
1st NALC Convention
3 Goats and a Gruff
3 Goats and a Gruff: Color Negative
3 Goats and a Gruff: Release Print