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Subseries III: Film Group Political Documentaries

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Subseries Identifier: SS.2005-05-0003
Series I: Subseries III contains prints of the Film Group’s seven part educational film series Urban Crisis and the New Militants from 1969. These films are described individually in the finding aid for the Film Group Collection also at Chicago Film Archives. Also included in this subseries are two trailers for the two feature length documentaries made by the Film Group: American Revolution II and The Murder of Fred Hampton. Neither trailer is found on the recent commercial DVD releases of the films. Please note that CFA's Film Group Collection contains additional 16mm prints as well as streaming media for the entire Urban Crisis and the New Militants series.
Language of Materials
American Revolution 2 [Trailer]
Law and Order vs. Dissent
Murder of Fred Hampton, The [Trailer]
People’s Right to Know: Police vs. Reporters, The
Police Power and Freedom of Assembly: The Gregory March