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Author Archives: Olivia Babler


On April 28th, CFA teams up with The Hideout for a virtual program of 1950s wrestling matches from our Russ and Sylvia Davis Collection.


Tired of over-polished, over-long, soulless Hollywood fare? Long for something shorter, stranger and with more midwestern accents? On April 14, CFA teams up with The Hideout for a virtual screening of amateur and student films from our collection.

Uncovering New Stories Through the NEH CARES Grant

In June 2020, CFA received generous support from a CARES grant, which was made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities and designed to help us delve into our collections and make more stories and films accessible to the public. During this exceptionally difficult time (on so many levels), we were tasked with finding […]

CFA Receives Grant to Preserve 2 Films by Maurice Bailen

CFA is happy to announce that we have received a Preservation Grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation for the photochemical preservation of two films from the Maurice Bailen Collection, The City (ca. 1961) and Confrontation (ca. 1968). Both films are original 16mm work prints, and no other copies are known to exist. Maurice Bailen (1902-1980) was a […]

Chicago Home Movie Day 2020

This year, Chicago Film Archives presents CHICAGO HOME MOVIE DAY on CAN-TV and online.

2020 Media Mixer – Experimental Sound Studios’ Quarantine Series

On September 16th, CFA will live stream the premiere of three new Media Mixer pieces in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studios’ Quarantine Series. More details will be posted soon!

‘Lost’ Film From 1923 Uncovered in CFA Collection

In late June 2020, while weathering the coronavirus pandemic, Chicago Film Archives’ staff rediscovered a 35mm domestic distribution print of ‘lost’ silent feature film, The First Degree, within our collections. Hiding in plain sight among agricultural and sponsored films that came out of Peoria, Illinois, was a Universal production that likely hadn’t been exhibited in […]


One of the earliest collections that arrived at CFA’s door was from William Cottle and Mike Gray of The Film Group. The work of Don Klugman (Nightsong), JoAnn Elam (Everyday People) and DeWitt Beall (Lord Thing) followed closely behind. The appointed stewardship of these collections invigorated our own understanding of CFA’s mission to preserve, highlight, […]

THE MURDER OF FRED HAMPTON at the Berlin International Film Festival

CFA has commissioned a new 35mm print of The Film Group’s The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971), struck from UCLA’s photochemically-restored internegative of this feature-length documentary. This newly created print will screen for the first time as part of the 70th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival – commonly known as the Berlinale.

Saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to CFA’s new vault

It has been fifteen years since CFA acquired and moved the Chicago Public Library film collection to our current space at 329 W. 18th Street. Since then, we’ve taken in 154 additional collections (over 27,000 items) and have run out of space in the vault. Much of 2019 was spent preparing a significantly larger space […]

Revulsion in the Grocery Aisle: Explorations of Consumer Culture

The supermarket is arguably the most “American” of inventions. One would be hard-pressed to find a more succinct representation of consumerist culture run amok than in the aisles of a nutritional wasteland.