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June 4, 2013

CFA Media Mixer 2013: Meet this Year’s Artists

This year marks the second year of our CFA Media Mixer event. So… what’s the Media Mixer event all about? Well, the premise is simple: three filmmakers, paired (blind date style) with three audio artists, had the full run of CFA’s vault to create some video art. We’ll premiere the finished videos on Thursday, June 6th alongside lots of other entertainment – including music provided by DJ Peter Margasak and a live set from Bobby Conn and Monica BouBou! At the core, the CFA Media Mixer is a benefit for CFA, but we like to think it’s a lot more than that. It’s also a celebration of local artists, artistic collaborations and CFA (more generally).¬†We at CFA want our films to speak to a variety of different purposes and interpretations. We believe (really strongly!) in making the archive accessible and available for a variety of different purposes (including research and creative-based projects), to have these incredible films and collections speak to a new generation of viewers and to *hopefully* inspire artists (like our Media Mixer collaborators). Now, let us formally introduce you to this year’s artist pairings & video sponsors:

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