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September 21, 2011


Welcome to CFA’s new website. We hope to expose you to more moving images within our collections while bringing stories and context to the historical Midwest documentation that CFA preserves. Currently we are in the process of building an online, open source collections management system that will allow us to publish our collections’ intellectual and media content online. Be on the look-out for this searchable component on our EXPLORE COLLECTIONS page and our STOCK FOOTAGE LIBRARY page. MIDWEST STORIES, also, will become a more interactive, curated page to explore historical and cultural topics that spring from CFA collections.

Thanks to Real Hard Work for the design and Whirl-i-gig for your continued build-out of our collections system. And, by-the-way, a huge thank you to Amanda Robillard for her out-sized grasp of metadata and its peculiar function in the archival world.

Nancy and Anne