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Identifier: F.2007-01-0005
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2007-01-0011
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2007-01-0001
Filmmaker: Baker, John M.
Identifier: F.2018-03-0054
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2007-01-0002
Identifier: F.2007-01-0003
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2007-01-0015
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2007-01-0004
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2017-03-0011
Filmmaker: LaRue, Mervin W., Sr.
Identifier: F.2017-03-0021
Filmmaker: LaRue, Mervin W., Jr.
Identifier: F.2019-08-0001
The Cynthia Holmberg Collection consists of 16mm home movies shot primarily by Henry Brooks, Cynthia’s father, and 8mm home movies shot by Cynthia’s husband Ron Holmberg. Ranging from the late 1930s to the mid-1960s, the 16mm films document Cynthia’s childhood and the life of a middle class family living in Chicago. The 8mm home movies document Ron and Cynthia Holmberg’s family and life in the suburbs of Chicago in the 1970s and early 80s. They include various locations around Chicago as well as family trips to Wisconsin, various U.S. National Parks, and Florida.