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Identifier: F.2007-08-0025
Identifier: F.2007-08-0004
Filmmaker: Gromer, Julian
Identifier: F.2004-02-0036
Identifier: F.2006-03-0001
Filmmaker: Hockings, Paul
Identifier: F.2011-05-0073
Identifier: F.2011-05-0074
Identifier: F.2007-08-0018
Filmmaker: Gromer, Julian
Identifier: F.2007-08-0031
Filmmaker: Gromer, Julian
Identifier: F.2006-09-0013
Filmmaker: Hooton, Mary Heftel
Identifier: F.2006-09-0014
Filmmaker: Hooton, Mary Heftel
Identifier: F.2006-03-0009
Filmmaker: Hockings, Paul
This collection includes ethnographic films produced or shot by the pioneering visual anthropologist, Paul Hockings. It covers films shot by Hockings as part of his reasearch on the Badaga people in the Nilgiris Hills in India; THE VILLAGE shot in western Ireland, on which Hockings was the consulting anthropologist; and work created under his mentorship at the University of Illinois at Chicago including Susan Stechnij's examination of a Mexican immigrant family, MI RAZA: PORTRAIT OF A FAMILY.