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This collection contains the preserved and restored archival materials from 7 original 35mm nitrate reels, which contain 8 distinct rolls or "views" of THE PICTORIAL STORY OF HIAWATHA, a live pageant performed in Desbarats, Ontario by the Garden River Ojibway community in 1902 - 1903. Katharine and Charles Bowden filmed this pageant so they could screen the moving images as part of their Chautauqua Lecture Circuit presentation of the same name. The reels were discovered in the Valparaiso University Special Collections Library by Judith Miller. Clearly there are reels of the pageant that are missing.
Identifier: F.2005-04-0151
Filmmaker: Jacob Glick
Identifier: F.2011-06-0003
Identifier: F.2008-02-0067
Filmmaker: Cring, Marquis Ritchey
Identifier: F.2007-01-0004
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2004-02-0154
Identifier: F.2011-01-0122
Filmmaker: Elam, JoAnn
The Julian Gromer Collection includes 15 travelogues and related papers by filmmaker Julian Gromer. The films depict his travels to Cuba, Nigeria, around Lake Michigan, Hawaii two months before Pearl Harbor, Canada, up the Amazon and Hudson rivers, and three films of cross-country cycling. Gromer was represented by the Redpath Bureau and co-owned Ralph Windoes Travelogues, Inc. His work is representative of post-World War II travelogue lectures that were exhibited in a variety of non-theatrical venues.
Identifier: F.2007-08-0026
Filmmaker: Gromer, Julian
Identifier: F.2007-08-0015
Filmmaker: Gromer, Julian
Identifier: F.2004-02-0019