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The filmmaker and the family (or families) depicted in the Howard Prouty Collection are currently unknown. The films were purchased by Howard Prouty at a Los Angeles garage sale in the Carthay Circle Neighborhood (6101 Del Valle Dr.). The majority films were shot in the Midwest from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, and were developed at various camera shops in the northern suburb of Waukegan, Illinois. The collection includes footage of weddings, birthdays, various Michigan boat trips, and most notably, footage from the Korean war and the Chicago's Railroad Fair of 1948-1949.
Identifier: F.2005-04-0169
Filmmaker: Glick, Jacob
Identifier: F.2018-03-0048
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2018-03-0007
Filmmaker: Dame, James
Identifier: F.2018-03-0049
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2018-03-0051
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2007-01-0011
Filmmaker: Baker, Jack
Identifier: F.2018-03-0052
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2008-02-0067
Filmmaker: Cring, Marquis Ritchey
Identifier: F.2018-03-0054
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron
Identifier: F.2018-03-0055
Filmmaker: Stevens, Byron