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Cross Section

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0064
Run Time
0h 3m 37s
Date Produced
A short film that documents a Niles Township High School filmmaking class. Various scenes of students and teachers going through exercises and lessons about filmmaking. Includes animation exercises, learning to use a light meter, and acting.
00:08 - Blank screen with voice over of a conversation. Cut to CU of a skull and a boy working on it with clay. A voice asks “Is this your animated film?” Girls drawing on strips of film with markers in MCU and CU, camera unsteady with hand held motion. 00:41 - “Cross-section” title fades in over a CU of the film as a girl draws on it. Var. shots of students and teachers in a classroom and voice over of brief conversations. A girl takes notes in CU, LS of people standing by a projector viewing simple animation exercies. 01:57 - Film changes to sepia at this point. CU of var. faces. Var. shots of students and teachering using a light meter, ZOOM IN to a CU on meter. 02:32 - A female teacher arranges a leopard print backdrop fabric. Var. CU of students. MS of a boy draped in more fabric with a fake barbell in front of the backdrop. He and another student interact, goofing off. ZOOM IN and OUT of this scene. 03:12 - CU of a student. ZOOM OUT to a MLS as he flashes a light at the camera, grinning. Fade out to a title reading “Filmmaking in high school” and fade back to the previous scene as the student continues to flash the light, creating a strobe effect. 03:28-03:37 - Blank screen with title “A film by May Pietz 1973”.
Main Credits
Pietz, May (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Niles (production location of)