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Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power Part III

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Film Identifier: F.2005-08-0231
Run Time
0h 29m 12s
Mag Stripe
Date Produced
Fouth and final reel of the film Chicag Politics: A Theater of Power. Observational documentary following the 1987 Chicago Mayoral election, with a focus on the Democratic Primary between Jane Byrne and Harold Washington, and general with Edward Vrdolyak and Tom Hynes. Loose and anecdotal, it features footage from public appearances, civic events, protests, and rallies.
00:00:04 Footage of Harold Washington at an event in Daley Plaza. He cuts and distributes slices of a giant pink cake. A reporter asks him about the meaning of Picasso's sculpture.
00:01:13 Washington preparing to lead a group photo in front of the Picasso Sculpture in Chicago’s Daley Plaza.
00:02:13 Clips of Jane Byrne campaigning at black churches. TV crews crowd the ailes between pews.
00:03:44 Byrne campaigns at a Latino deli.
00:04:18  Byne campaigning at Chicago’s famous hot dog stand, Demon Dogs. Eats fries at the counter in a bulky white coat. She greets people, but makes sure to ask younger-looking people first whether they are old enough to vote.
00:05:52 Byrne interviewed in bus about Navy Pier.
00:06:50 Chicago Sun-Times City Hall reporter Harry Golden, Jr. stands in front of a Harold Washington sign and tells an anecdote about Jane Byrnes' media image.
00:07:30 Byne delivering a campaign speech: “There will be opportunities for the young to go to work in this city and not see the suburbs growing, growing, growing while Chicago shrinks and fights,” Byrne says. “This will be a city again.” She plays defiant against the black community's protest against Chicagofest.
00:08:05 Bryne campaigning in front of working class audience. She answers a kid's question about steel jobs for his dad.
00:08:42 Byrne campaigns in fromt of an older crowd, is prompted to sing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."
00:09:50 Byrne campaigning at the Chicago Club for the Deaf, Chinatown, the west side (hecklers shout "Harold! Harold!"), a supermarket, panders to the Irish.
00:12:27 Byrne (election day?) rally in a ballroom. She gets jeered during what sounds like a concession speech. A supporter chastizes reporters for being "against her from the beginning," and claims to have been "pushed around like a piece of garbage."
00:14:39 St. Patrick's Day parade. Candidates are out campaigning, including Mayor Washington (with his shillelagh in hand), Jane Byrne, and Thomas Hynes, mayoral candidate for the Chicago First Party, who is fawned over by a group of screaming teenage girls like he were the fifth Beatle.
00:15:53 Breif shot of Richard J. Daley on the street greeting Shriners, wearing a "1776" necktie.
00:16:19 South Side Irish parade with floats supporting Tom Hynes. People in crowd shout racist slurs and "keep this city white!"
00:17:37 Tom Hynes visists a tortilla factory. Reporters grill him about his claim that Ed Vrdolyak met with a mob boss.
00:19:27 Ted Kennedy confirms Democratic support for Washington to a press gaggle.
00:20:08 Polka band leads rally for Ed Vrdolyak. He appears in support of Writers' Guild strike outside CBS.
00:22:56 Washington visits the county jail; Vrdolyak complains about crime and black support for Washington. The race seems very racially and ethnically divided. The major candidates (Hynes, Washington, and Vrdolyak) fling criticisms as election day nears and the battle heats up. “Harold doesn’t have a clue,” Vrdolyak says. Windows with "Vrdolyak '87" with backwards 7.
00:26:51 Vrdolyak and Washington work crowds, streets, rallies.
00:28:29 Downtown St. Patrick's Day parade. Stamets asks Washington about "St. Daley." Washington jokes, "If you don't have clout, grab a shillelagh."
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Main Credits
Stamets, Bill (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Harold Washington (is participant)
Jane Byrne (is participant)
Jay McMullen (is participant)
Edward Vrdolyak (is participant)
Thomas Hynes (is participant)
Harry Golden, Jr. (is participant)
Ted Kennedy (is participant)
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Chicago (represents)